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18 07 2011

Last week, the ESPYs took place which provided many awards and honors for athletes of America. Well, it got me thinking: who is the best of the best right now? Who has risen above the rest of their respective league? So, I’ve decided to put my thoughts down in writing. I’ve created a list of my overall top 10 players from the NBA, NFL, and MLB at this point in time. I based my list on many factors such as skill of specific sport, athleticism, mental toughness, and ability to win. Take a look, and let me know if you believe I left a deserving player off my list!

Dirk Nowitzki Tom Brady Adrain Gonzalez
Chris Paul Peyton Manning Josh Hamilton
Kobe Bryant Drew Brees Jose Bautista
LeBron James Aaron Rodgers Miguel Cabrera
Kevin Durant Adrian Peterson Albert Pujols
Carmelo Anthony Larry Fitzgerald Roy Halladay
Dwayne Wade DeMarcus Ware Felix Hernandez
Derrick Rose Ndamukong Suh Jered Weaver
Zach Randolph Darrelle Revis Cliff Lee
Dwight Howard Charles Woodson Jair Jurrjens

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2 responses

19 07 2011
Drew Allen

NBA- Anthony is a ball jogging point scorer, so maybe replace him with someone like Amare or Rondo
MLB- Beckett deserves a spot I think, maybe in place of that Jair guy who I’ve never heard of

18 07 2011

Jay, The Man:
This is the coolest, sharpest, well written and keeps the readers attention without questions in all the sections.
Personal remarks on what I saw and read. First, Andy Roddick is my gut in tennis but I agree with you, Jay, that he does buckle against the bog boys.
Second, Yes, Tiger is on the side lines and Phil Michelson (my love) isn’t at his top game. My cheering is going to Rory McIlroy and Ricky Fowler. One of the older fan, B. Lou

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