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29 07 2011
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This is a very hectic time for NFL owners as they are scrambling to find the perfect player for their teams in a 5 day span that is usually 5 weeks. Already, there have been a myriad of cuts, acquisitions, and trades. I am going to grade the teams on their big name pick-ups that have occurred so far. Let me know what you think.


Carolina Panthers trade for TE Greg Olsen: (C+)

Olsen had a spectacular AFC divisional playoff game against the Seahawks, racking up 113 receiving yards. But that’s his problem – that was his one and only great game. That playoff game was almost a third of how many yards he racked up in 16 regular season games. He will need to pick up his consistency if he is going to help out the Panthers.


Carolina Panthers re-sign RB DeAngelo Williams: (A-)

Even though the Panthers are coming off a horrible season and are simply bringing back one of their players with this acquisition, I believe this is vital for their organization. Other than Steve Smith, the Panthers don’t have many players that stick around. By keeping Williams, they know they have a solid back and a face for the franchise.


Arizona Cardinals trade for QB Kevin Kolb: (B-)

Predicted to be the next breakout quarterback by many analysts, Kolb is expected to do big things with the Fitzgardinals. I am not sold yet on this athlete that has only started 7 games the past two years and had a passer rating of 76.1 last year. I know he has potential, but I want to see how he can play for an entire season before he’s declared the next Aaron Rodgers.


Tennessee Titans pick up QB Matt Hasselbeck: (A)

I believe this is a perfect fit for the new-look Titans. Washington-star Jake Locker will need a solid mentor as he adjusts to the NFL, and Hasselbeck is a level headed, hard-working athlete that will fit that role well. I expect Hasselbeck to start the first half of the season and then willingly hand the reins off to Locker.


New Orleans Saints pick up RB Darren Sproles: (A-)

Going from Reggie Bush to Darren Sproles will be a good step forward for the Saints organization. Sproles is a reliable, versatile back that can run, catch, and return kickoffs. He is a hard worker and should be able to fit in well with Drew Brees system.


New England Patriots trade for WR Chad Ochocinco: (B+) and DT Albert Haynesworth: (F)

Showing up to practice the day he was picked up, Ochocinco has already shown he’s committed to this team and will work hard – something I believe he’s never had a problem with. Yes, he sometimes gets into the media for antics off the field or in the end zone, but this kind of attitude is something that Belichick has always been able to handle (e.g. Corey Dillon and Randy Moss). Haynesworth, on the other hand, has a specific type of attitude – laziness – and I’m just skeptical that this can be fixed. This is the man that didn’t pass his fitness exam for the Redskins last year and looked like a toddler when the camera showed him pouting on the sideline during games. So, we’ll have to see if these two men work out for the Pats.


Seattle Seahawks pick up QB Tavaris Jackson: (C)

As the Seahawks move forward out of the Hasselbeck-era, I doubt Tavaris Jackson is the answer to their prayers. He seems to be a Vince Young-type quarterback for the Vikings that has never really gotten his jersey dirty on a consistent basis. Chris Ponder might be out on the field sooner than he thinks.


Seattle Seahawks pick up WR Sidney Rice: (B+)

The other Viking the Seahawks picked up is coming off an injury-plagued season. I know it’s risky to take on someone coming off major surgery, but I believe it’s worth it for the Seahawks to pick him up. Rice is a solid receiver that could help maintain the energy created in Seattle after last year’s upset playoff victory over the Saints.


Brett Favre… oh wait, he’s “retired.”


Minnesota Vikings trade for QB Donovan McNabb: (C+)

I won’t say McNabb’s over the hill just because of one bad season with the Redskins, but after the way the season ended when he was benched for Rex Grossman, I envision McNabb having another sub-par year. I don’t see this as a good move for the Vikings as they just go from one old quarterback to another.


Denver Broncos pick up RB Willis McGahee: (C)

After having a dominant season his first year with the Ravens, McGahee has tailed off his last three seasons similar to how Marion Barber tailed off this year. I don’t think this is a good move for the Broncos by going after this old running back, but McGahee may decide to prove me wrong.


Philadelphia Eagles pick up CB Nnamdi Asomugha: (A+)

Some might say this rating is too high for a player that’s been on a crummy Oakland Raiders team, but I have to give the Eagles their due credit. This was the free agent to sign; almost every team out there attempted to capture this hot commodity, including the Cowboys. He will make an instant impact for the Eagles secondary and will help their defense out tremendously. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the NFC East.


Miami Dolphins trade for RB Reggie Bush: (C-)

Bush never displayed his high-flying, jaw-dropping pizzazz (or his “birthday” hummer) that he showed off during his time at USC. It’s hard to imagine Reggie Bush being able to ignite the fire he once had. Who knows how long this union will last, but I don’t see Bush becoming the pro-bowl back that the Dolphins are hoping for.


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12 12 2011
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30 07 2011
Travis Wiseley

I agree about the Donovan Mcnab trade. They will Be way better off with Jackson. But hey its football! And the Viking will not do as good as they did with Brett Favre 2 years ago. They just need to get the golden team.

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