Preseason Plunge

4 08 2011

U.S.A. Today Coaches’ Poll

1 Oklahoma (42) 1454 6
2 Alabama (13) 1414 11
3 Oregon (2) 1309 3
4 LSU (2) 1296 8
5 Florida State 1116 16
6 Stanford 1101 4
7 Boise State 1065 7
8 Oklahoma State 933 10
9 Texas A&M 885 21
10 Wisconsin 829 8

Today, the U.S.A. Today Coaches’ Poll was unveiled, and I’d like to point out a few things.

  • Oklahoma grabs the #1 ranking, which isn’t a surprise since they’ve had a top 10 preseason ranking each of the past 10 seasons. Also, this is the 8th top 5 ranking they’ve received in that same time span. However, even with all these astounding placements year after year, they only have one championship (2000), which leads me to believe that this ranking won’t last.
  • Florida State has a very generous #5 ranking. Their last championship was in 1999 and even with their multiple returning starters, I believe this ranking is only setting them up for disappointment.
  • Almost matching last year’s #1 ranking, Alabama settles in at the #2 spot instead. We’ll see if Saban’s running-heavy style of football will work out for him this year, like it did in 2010.
  • Oregon(#3) and LSU (#4) face off in their season-opener on September 3rd. This will cause one of these highly ranked teams to drop early on, and I believe that team will be LSU.
  • Texas A&M receives their highest (and maybe very generous) ranking since being #8 in 1999. The Aggies caught on fire towards the end of last season, but we need to hold off the gas pedal before we proclaim this program to be elite.
  • For the first time in this millennium, Texas is ranked outside the top 10 (#24). I expect them to surpass this ranking, especially with their excellent recruiting.
  • For a second year in a row, USC is ineligible to be ranked in this poll and will not be allowed to go to a bowl game because of the NCAA sanctions. I’m sure Reggie Bush is not a popular man in California right now.
  • In back to back years, Boise State has obtained a top 10 ranking. This is the type of recognition their program (and ranting president) has asked for, so now they have to do their part – win.
  • There are 3 Big 12 schools in the top 10, but I don’t picture Oklahoma State or Texas A&M being able to sustain these rankings.
  • Wisconsin rounds out the top 10 ranking at #10, and I can see this team having a break-out season with their grind-it-out type of play. They had a solid 11-2 season last year and gave TCU a run for their money in the Rose Bowl. With Ohio State’s debacle of an off-season, the Big Ten is theirs to lose.
  • Even though it’s a better ranking than last year’s preseason poll, #19 is where Auburn sits, which is the lowest ranking for a national champion since 1961.

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3 responses

12 08 2011

The likeliness of Oklahoma remaining number one is a bit unlikely especially with the early away game at Florida State. That being said, I see that reasoning for both Oklahoma and Florida State to not be contenders because their last championship was over a decade ago. This seems a bit of flawed logic, because in sports, anything is possible. Prime example would be the Dallas Mavericks. Some said before the postseason that it wasn’t likely that they would win a championship, and what if they used logic that they have never gotten a championship as an argument? The point is, those previous seasons for the Dallas, Oklahoma, and Florida State were then and this is now. You could also argue Oklahoma’s case to bring home a victory finally as they have overcome their big bowl game woes. Sure it was against a team that was not all that great, but this is the team that couldn’t even pull off the Boise State win a few years ago, and in turn has catapulted Boise State into a successful noteworthy football program. I also disagree with the idea of Texas surpassing the 24th ranking. Sure the recruiting is solid, but I suspect a rebuilding year considering all of the new coaches that players will need to get used to. All that being said I do completely agree with your A&M comments. All seems to be hype with their solid season behind a backup that was never expected to play as their starting QB was predicted the player of the Big 12. But overall good article!

5 08 2011
Garrett Schick

I can still see the longhorn in you showing through

4 08 2011


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