New Kid on the Block

7 08 2011
Atlanta Hawks logo

Hawks logo

I just can’t figure out the Atlanta Hawks; they have a tendency to keep the same players (Joe Johnson was re-signed to a ridiculous 6-year, $119 million contract), they usually manage to make it to the playoffs and even the second round but never are considered a true title contender, and now, they are owned by a restaurant chain owner.

As long as the NBA approves this deal, it will be announced tomorrow that Alex Meruelo – the owner of California pizza franchise La Pizza Loca – will become the first hispanic owner in the NBA and would control more than 50 percent of the team. It appears that moving the Hawks to another city or changing the arena’s name is now highly unlikely.

Change is something the Hawks need; there were instances last year when the Hawks played uninspired basketball, such as their 6-game losing streak to finish the season. Things need to be shaken up for this organization if they want to become a truly elite member of the NBA. Will Alex Meruelo be the difference that the Hawks need? Well, the carbs from eating his pizza could help put a pep in their step, but we’ll have to wait and see how this new management affects the Hawks play on the court next season…whenever that may be.

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8 08 2011

I did not know this was the history for Atlanta. Very interesting.


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