Tebow? So-so

8 08 2011
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow

As it stands right now, Kyle Orton is not leaving Denver, and fan favorite Tim Tebow is the #2 guy behind him. This placement is mainly based off…well, ability to throw the football – the central function of a quarterback. Tebow has just too many errant passes with his odd throwing motion, and Orton has come into camp outperforming him in many ways. There are players and analysts out there that feel this placement should be reversed, and I feel as though they’re trying to force Tebow to be something he’s not (yet). Even Tebow lashed back, tweeting that critics “don’t know what I’m capable of and what’s inside me.” Now, I’m not doubting Tebow’s work ethic, his leadership, or his running ability; he’s displayed these positive characteristics multiple times. He is the perfect example of what a role model should be in our current sports world.  What’s frustrating to me is the constant “Me-Against-the-World” attitude the media loves to portray (just look at his energy drink commercial) and the frequent message sent to America to “wait and see” what he’s made of. Instead of telling us how we should perceive a football player like Tebow, why not evaluate him on his actual performance? Also, if Tebow has to regularly alter his throwing mechanic – a natural ability for most quarterbacks -couldn’t that be a hint that he’s not quite ready yet? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but if Tebow wants a shot at a starting spot for the Broncos roster, he either needs to become more accurate with a consistent throwing motion or simply play another position. Hopefully the latter option doesn’t come true. Either way, Tebow has plenty of time to develop, so let’s just take a deep breath and see what happens.

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1 09 2011

Tim Tebow needs time to develop and the media is trying to rush him to Brady’s level

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