SECeding in Texas

31 08 2011

No, Texas has not seceded from the United States, but Texas A&M has in fact become an official seceder.

The Aggie nation came out today and stated that it will cut its ties with the Big 12 Conference by July of 2012, and its most likely destination will be the SEC.

The Big “9″ is not looking too good right now as another realignment of college football looks more and more probable as each successive Big 12 team departs (Nebraska, Colorado, and Texas A&M). BYU has been suggested by many analysts as a possible insertion into this dying conference.

Texas A&M has publicly voiced their financial reasons for this move, and it makes sense in this regard. But there appears to be an underlying reason for the parting with their current conference: those Longhorn bullies.

Now, leaving a conference is not necessarily a bad thing; it can allow an organization to become more economically stable or join a more reputable conference (look at TCU). The problem I have with this situation is if A&M’s departure is largely because of UT. It is true that Texas signs many recruits that might otherwise go to A&M, and Texas also has put together a television network (with many complaints from A&M along the way) before A&M was able to put theirs together. These are indeed tough situations for the Aggies, but are they valid reasons to leave? “Push through” is a common maxim in sports that many coaches use to encourage their players to keep going and not give up. I just get the gut feeling that A&M is simply giving up on the Big 12 because they don’t want to deal with the current pain that Texas deals out.

I can’t see worse timing for this either. Texas A&M is coming off one of their best seasons in this millennium (9-4) and looks to be competitive in the upcoming season. A usual Big 12 South powerhouse, Texas is in a rebuilding period with a developing quarterback and a new set of coaches. Shouldn’t A&M take advantage of this current situation and grab hold of the South? An SEC move could possibly drop them back to being a mediocre conference team, while staying in the Big 12 could provide dividends.

We’ll have to wait and see if this transition works out for A&M’s program; maybe they will be successful wherever they land. Auburn rose up in the powerful SEC conference, and A&M could have a similar push with the right pieces. However, if they don’t end up being prosperous in their new conference, those Aggies might find themselves missing that burnt orange.

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1 09 2011
Garrett Schick

SMU has also voiced their interest in becoming a member of the BIG 12

1 09 2011

It seems that this is, more than anything, an attention-grabbing move by A&M. They’ve never been much of a consequential force, at least in football, and I think they don’t have the foresight to see that this move will blow up in their face. It will be an incredibly rude awakening to be thrown into one of the strongest football conferences in history, and after the first massacre by LSU it will not look like a good move.

1 09 2011

so clever!

1 09 2011

From aTm’s standpoint, the move makes a lot of sense in terms of finances and stability. But if they want to compete, they just made a vertical shift downwards. The best finish of aTm in recent history was 4th in the B12. The 4th place team in the SEC West went 9-4 and beat Michigan 52-14 in a bowl game. The only teams that aTm can count on beating year in and year out would be Vandy and Kentucky. aTm made a clear statement that, at least to them, the dollars are more important than the wins. Definition of a sell out.

1 09 2011

Love the title

1 09 2011

I like this post Jay. I might not agree with it completely, but you bring up a lot of valid points. Good job.

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