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7 09 2011






We’ve almost reached that point: playoffs. Even with the initiation of collegiate and professional football, I’m still having cravings for some playoff baseball. I thought I’d take a glance at how things stand currently.

From my perspective, I see the AL East and wild-card spot locked up by the Yankees and Red Sox, and the Verlanders – I mean Tigers – have a tight grip on the AL Central. Regarding the West, even though only 3 1/2 games separate the Rangers and Angels, since Texas has held the division-lead for 114 straight days, I feel confident they will end up winning the pennant. Similar to the AL East, the NL East also looks to have two playoff spots wrapped up with the star-studded Phillies winning the division, and the Braves grabbing the wild-card position. With two legitimate NL MVP’s – Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun – the Brewers look to be in playoff-form with the Cardinals in their rear-view mirror. If I had to envision one ball-club making a run for taking over a division, it would be the Giants of the NL West, but many things would have to happen first. Justin Upton would have to stop playing like the best player in the league, Ian Kennedy would have to begin to lose his touch on the mound, and the Giants batters would have to provide more run support for their pitchers. In the end, though, I see how things stand now being the end-results for this MLB season.

Current MLB standings as of September 7, 2011

American League W L
NY Yankees 86 53
Boston 85 56
Tampa Bay 77 64
Toronto 70 72
Baltimore 55 84
Detroit 80 62
Chicago Sox 71 69
Cleveland 70 69
Kansas City 60 83
Minnesota 58 84
Texas 81 62
LA Angels 77 65
Oakland 64 77
Seattle 59 82
National League
Philadelphia 90 48
Atlanta 82 59
NY Mets 69 71
Washington 65 75
Florida 63 78
Milwaukee 85 58
St. Louis 75 67
Cincinnati 70 72
Pittsburgh 65 77
Chicago Cubs 61 81
Houston 48 94
Arizona 81 61
San Francisco 75 67
LA Dodgers 69 72
Colorado 67 75
San Diego 61 81

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One response

7 09 2011

what is going largely unnoticed is just how important winning the AL east will be in terms of a playoff run for either the yankees or the red sox. the yankees have struggled mightily in fenway, so having home field advantage would be a huge step in the right direction for them. they also are 3.5 games better at home than on the road. for the red sox, there’s no disparity in home/road record. so again, this race is pivotal for both teams. for the yankees, it will help them advance, and for the sox, it will stop the yankees from advancing.

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