College Catch-Up

11 09 2011

Notre Dame 31,  Michigan 35

Starting with their very first drive, the Irish dominated most of the game, but Denard Robinson and the Wolverines decided to wake up in the fourth quarter, turning this into one of the most memorable games of this series between the NCAA’s two most winning programs. The final 1:12 saw both teams combine for three touchdowns with the game winner being caught at the :02 mark. Denard Robinson’s big play capability was in full effect as he had 338 yards on only 11 total pass completions and also 108 rushing yards to add to that. Things are not looking up for the Fighting Irish as #15 Michigan State, who have outscored their opponents 72-6 in the first two weeks, is next on the schedule.

(#12) South Carolina 45,  Georgia 42

Georgia needed this win for their credibility as a program after their tough loss to Boise State last weekend. They played hard, and in his post-game interview, Coach Spurrier said his Gamecocks were outplayed by the Bulldogs. So how did they win? South Carolina was just able to capitalize on all of Georgia’s mistakes scoring four defensive touchdowns. This puts Georgia in a 0-2 hole it hasn’t seen itself in since 1996. Even though their next opponent, Coastal Carolina, is undefeated, that should be a prime opportunity for the Bulldogs to get back on track.

Toledo 22,  (#15) Ohio State 27 

The Buckeyes haven’t lost to an in-state opponent since 1921. They came dangerously close to breaking that record on Saturday. Ohio State never got into an offensive rhythm, and Toledo showed that they weren’t going to be intimidated. Fortunately, for Ohio State though, the Rockets were also error prone and made enough mistakes on their side to help preserve victory for the Buckeyes. Next week will be interesting as Ohio State and Miami – two programs struggling off the field – will face each other.

Auburn 41, (#16) Mississippi State 34

Once again, Auburn pulled off a close win, although this weekend it was against a tougher opponent. The Bulldogs had a chance to tie up the game as time expired, but the Auburn defense stood their ground and won the game. If Michael Dyer can keep up his play from this game (150 yards and 2 touchdowns), he’ll be a valuable asset for their offense; however, it’s still anyone’s guess how the Tigers are going to do as they progress through the treacherous SEC.

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