Sports Mount Rushmore

14 09 2011

SportsCenter tweeted today, “Which 4 athletes would make your Mount Rushmore of sports? Best tweets air on @SportsCenter.” I replied, “@SportsCenter Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Cy Young.” What I want to know is who would make your Sports Mount Rushmore?

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17 09 2011
Trevor Rathbun

There are so many different criteria that can go into this conversation. Championships, records, stats….etc. But from my standpoint I would say that it would be MJ, Tiger, Tom Brady, and Wayne Gretzky. Runners up would be Ali and David Beckham. All these people brought serious attention to their sports and made huge strides in them that drastically changed the game. I cant stand Tom Brady, but he opened up a whole new level of football talent and made teams look for “diamonds in the rough” a lot more than they used to. MJ needs no defense and Tiger is the MJ of golf, or was, so thats my stand point. The runners up are runners up just because their sport isnt as huge as the others.

17 09 2011

What about Emmitt Smith??

15 09 2011

Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Lance Armstrong (I don’t think it’s really a sport but society tells me otherwise), and MJ.

15 09 2011

Brettttttttttttt Farve!!!!!

15 09 2011

Nastia Liukin?

14 09 2011

MJ, Nicklaus, Ruth, Aaron

14 09 2011

Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, MJ, Jackie Robinson

14 09 2011

Well I’m going by straight athleticism not just who was good at the sport. Lebron would be number one cause he could go to any sport and dominate. Jordan was better at basketball but he wouldn’t last in a football game like Lebron could. Number 2 randy moss. Number 3 Michael vick. He does it all. And 4 Cornell Stewart. He did it all. That’s off the top of my head

14 09 2011

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Jim Brown, Babe Ruth.

14 09 2011

Will Chamberlain, Patrick Roy, Joe Montana, Ty Cobb

14 09 2011

I’d say Jordan, Ali, Ruth, Marino

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