Is the Grass Greener in Brooklyn?

28 09 2011

Even with the current NBA lockout, Jay-Z has no intention of slowing down his work with his Nets.

The New Jersey Nets stated earlier this year that they will be moving out of New Jersey and into New York in the 2012-2013 NBA season. As a part owner of the team, Jay-Z just recently came out and made it known that they will become the Brooklyn Nets once this transition takes place.

Not only will Jay-Z be implementing this new name into the organization, but he will also be commemorating the move by having multiple concerts. He even pointed out his similarity to LeBron James when he mentioned he will have “maybe one, maybe two, maybe three” concerts for the modified team.

Even though this is a great move for a franchise that has struggled to be significant since the Jason Kidd era came to a close, will it be enough to put the Nets back into NBA relevancy?

I have a hard time believing this move will spark a revival for these struggling Nets. The fact that they followed up a 12-70 season with only a 24-58 2010-2011 season even with multiple acquisitions such as Derrick Favors (now a Jazz), Jordan Farmar, and Deron Williams shows an inability to improve. Their offense also reflects their stumbling ways, being dead last two seasons ago and improving only two spots higher this past season. I believe they will actually make progress in the next season, maybe even achieving 40 wins. But there is one reason we can’t count on that lasting long: Deron Williams.

During the most recent NBA season, the Nets wanted a change; Devin Harris was their trading bait and they wanted a buyer. They first went for LeBron, then went for ‘Melo, and finally ended up with Williams by means of a trade with the Utah Jazz. However, I believe when #8 becomes a free agent in the 2012 offseason, he will decide against continuing his tenure with the New Jersey (or Brooklyn) Nets. Even though some people might believe this is my partisanship showing its true colors, I am a firm believer Williams will be a Maverick for the 2012-2013 season, just as his point guard predecessor decided to do. Not only has he shown support for the Mavericks and Rangers, but Dallas is his hometown, something that always stays close to an athlete (just ask Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James – well maybe he’s a bad example). Furthermore, he would be able to effectively and comfortably transition into the starting role as Kidd is coming to the end of his career. Other than Brendan Haywood’s recent mammoth of a contract, the Mavericks have efficiently signed all of their players, including Dirk with his pay cut. If simply signing him off the free agent market ends up being too much of an economic burden, a sign-and-trade that brings Deron to Dallas is just as plausible. So, the possibility of Dallas having another ex-Net point guard seems very real.

Now, I know I focused on the possibility of Williams moving to the Big D, but I did this for a reason. The Nets have made it known that they intend for Williams to be the face of this new Brooklyn team. Averaging a double-double in points and assists the past four seasons shows his consistency and explains the reasoning behind the Nets desire to revolve the future of their franchise around the Colony boy. If D-Will does in fact leave the Atlantic Division for the Southwest Division, there will be many baffled Brooklynites. What I would suggest the organization do is what the Nuggets did – execute a sign-and-trade. This way, at least they get something out of the deal rather than an empty roster spot (just ask Cleveland how it feels).

Moving to Brooklyn is a smart and constructive change for the Nets organization; change is always good for any business in any field that is struggling to increase its value. It might in fact bring about just what this team needs and lead them to success. However, the hope the Nets staff and fans are putting in this young man will quickly disintegrate if he moves to another team, and even with the positive relocation, in the end, the Nets might find themselves right back where they are today. Sub-par.

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30 09 2011

Moving to Brooklyn will re-energize the team and the fanbase, but it will not independently lead to wins. The Nets have a long way to go, and they definitely need to make adjustments from the front office down. But, hey, maybe J. Cole can open the arena?

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