College Catch-Up

9 10 2011


(#11) Texas 17, (#3) Oklahoma 55

OU looked very dominant, and if they can make it through the rest of their schedule unscathed, they will probably be in the championship game in January. Texas obviously has a long way to go, especially at the quarterback position with McCoy and Ash accounting for 5 turnovers on the day. UT can’t wallow long in this loss though, because high-powered Oklahoma State is coming to Austin next weekend.

Ohio State 27, (#14) Nebraska 34

A few minutes into the second half, Ohio State scored a touchdown to lead the Huskers 27-6. The home crowd was booing their team, and it looked like Nebraska was in for another bad loss. However, the home team woke up and scored 4 straight unanswered touchdowns to cap off the biggest comeback in Nebraska football history. It should be noted, however, that Ohio State lost their quarterback in the third quarter to an ankle sprain, which probably contributed to their sudden loss of offense.

(#23) Florida State 30, Wake Forest 35

Just a couple of weeks ago, Florida State was ranked in the top 5 in the country and many were jumping on the Seminole bandwagon. Since then, FSU has lost three in a row, is winless in ACC play, and has an overall losing record. On the other hand, lowly Wake Forest is an impressive 4-1 and is actually undefeated in conference play. Just like Texas, Florida State didn’t give itself a chance to win the game having 5 turnovers while the Demon Deacons had none.

(#15) Auburn 14, (#10) Arkansas 38

When Arkansas was humbled at the hands of Alabama back in September, it was unknown how the Razorbacks were going to be able to recover. Well, they appear to have gotten themselves back together and seem to be a very solid top 10 team. Auburn isn’t the same team that won the championship last year, but it still has its strengths including its running game led by Michael Dyer. Even in the loss, the Tigers were able to rack up almost 300 yard rushing.

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