Jims Jousting

16 10 2011

There are many fights between players that occur before, during, and after football games. They’re riled up and have so much adrenaline pumping through their veins; consequently, they sometimes can’t help it. How about a fight between two 40-year-old head coaches? Watch what happens after the San Francisco 49ers beat the undefeated Detroit Lions. And kids, don’t try this at home.

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17 10 2011
NFL Nutshell: Week 6 « jay's jems

[…] as the 49ers handed the Lions their first loss and Jim Schwartz’s first mid-life crisis situation. Stafford throwing the ball a staggering 50 times and the running game having only 66 yards is […]

17 10 2011

OK…is it me, or did Schwartz overreact a bit? Sure, Harbaugh was a bit overzealous with his handshake/slap/shove maneuver, but I expected a man of Schwartz’s age and position to control himself a bit more. (Granted, he just lost a game, but still…)

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