Raider Resurrection?

19 10 2011








He’s Back.

During this past off-season, Carson Palmer threatened to retire if the Cincinnati Bengals would not trade him. Being headstrong and commanding, Mike Brown did not give in to Palmer’s threat and started the season with rookie Andy Daulton at the helm. Palmer watched from his couch.

Before you could say “another struggling USC quarterback,” #9 was sent to ‘da Raiders. The trade consisted of Carson Palmer for a Raiders 2012 first-round pick and a conditional 2013 second-round pick that could be bumped up to a first-rounder if the Raiders make it to the AFC title game in either of the next two years.

Oakland coach Hue Jackson has high hopes for Palmer since he already coached him at USC and was an assistant coach during Palmer’s early years in Cincinnati.

By the way Mike Brown discussed this topic before the season started, it seemed as though there was no hope a Carson Palmer trade would ever get done; however, because of the exceptional play from Daulton and the Bengals 4-2 start, Brown was more willing to search for a trade.

From the other side of this trade, Oakland became desperate for a quarterback once Jason Campbell went down with a collarbone injury – lasting up to eight weeks – during Sunday’s win against the Cleveland Browns. Being left with two inexperienced quarterbacks (Kyle Boller and Terrelle Pryor), the Raiders had to find someone to fill Campbell’s shoes, especially if they want this season to finish as successfully as it’s started.

I understand that Hue Jackson is all about “the time is now” for his ball club, but I tend to disagree with the moves he’s made of late.

Not only were two very high picks given up for this quarterback that has a huge question-mark over his head, but Oakland had already given up their 2012 third-round pick during the supplemental draft for Terelle Pryor (someone with an even bigger question-mark) and their 2012 second-round, fourth-round, and seventh-round through trades.

With a running back in Darren McFadden that is showing the ability to carry this team for years to come, why push for all these trades for “now?” He has shown he can be a staple for the organization, and being only 24-years-young, there is no stopping him anytime soon. Having picks in only the fifth and sixth round next year, they’ve shot any chance of improving their ball club through this draft. Why? Because Jackson is fixated on “now” when there are pieces on this team for the long haul. On top of this dearth of picks, because a multitude of players re-signed this past off-season, Oakland is towards the bottom in regard to financial stability, so making any big trades or free agent pick-ups is unlikely.

Even though there are these negatives about the trade, Carson Palmer could make us all forget about any downsides to this trade. For many years, he has made it clear that he wanted out of Cincinnati, and this trade might be just enough of a change to bring back the Palmer that once looked to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Who knows, Darrius Heyward-Bey might be Palmer’s new Chad Johnson! (Or is that really a good thing….) However, speculation will soon come to a halt as Carson Palmer will get to put on the black and white this coming Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs come into town.

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