Do the Big XII Shuffle

25 10 2011


Today, another wrench was thrown into the world of college football realignment.


ESPN is reporting that the Big XII will make a formal offer to West Virginia to join their conference. If no other school jumps ship, then that would put the conference total at 11.


Many think that this is a preemptive move in anticipation of Missouri jumping to the SEC, but it might also be possible that the Big XII is trying to provide the Tigers with an incentive to stay.


If this deal goes through, then the Big XII is going to get a big boost especially when it comes to football and basketball. The Mountaineers have consistently been a top 25 BCS team, and their basketball team is always a factor in the Big Dance frequently appearing as a Sweet Sixteen team.


All current signs point to Missouri heading to the SEC, but this new development might make things a little more interesting. Furthermore, is reporting that Notre Dame is really trying to get Big XII teams on their schedule. With TCU set to join next year, the Big XII is set to become one of the strongest conferences in the country.


Of course, money might be a motivating factor here as well. Texas A&M showed that is can be the reason for jumping conferences. West Virginia will provide access to a whole new regional fan base while Notre Dame’s involvement will add a huge national base. It looks like the financial future of the Big XII is looking very good, and Missouri might have a hard time turning that down, no matter how attractive the SEC looks.


Although ESPN has said that this is an all but done deal, it’s important to remember that things can still fall apart. About a month and a half ago, The University of Texas along with other Big XII schools were almost certain to make the jump to the Pac-12. However, in the 11th hour, everything fell apart. Another thing to keep in mind is that these decisions are made so far in advance. In September of 2010, TCU accepted an invitation to join the Big East in 2012. Almost a year later, they were offered and accepted an invitation to the Big XII. TCU ended up leaving the Big East before they even arrived. It’s okay to speculate on how everything is going to shake out, but it is important to keep in mind that anything can still happen.


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4 responses

25 10 2011

I think the WVU addition is overblown in terms of quality sports. Their basketball hasn’t been really good since their Elite 8 run, and Bob Huggins has had a difficult time recruiting of late. Their football team is consistently overrated, shown by their 26 point loss to Syracuse. The best thing West Virginia brings to the Big XII is the Pittsburgh TV market. Also, the addition will hurt the Big XII academically.
As for Notre Dame, the agreement is to add their non-football sports and in return, the Irish must play 6 games against Big XII teams in football. Basically ND becomes the 12th team in the conference, which satisfies one of Mizzou’s demands to stay. It will certainly be hard for the Tigers to leave when the Big XII is really meeting all of their demands.

26 10 2011
The Judge

I agree that West VA is consistently overrated, but they are still the best of the Big East, and they have an air about them that just isn’t present in schools like Iowa State, Minnesota, or Washington State (to name a few). Even if it’s all fool’s gold, appearances are a big part of this whole realignment thing, and as the conferences jockey to hold together, this move is going to get people excited all over ESPN.

27 10 2011

I wouldn’t say wvu always has an air about them. People from Big East country, such as me, will tell you that it is wvu tooting their own horn. They never live up to expectations and haven’t had a big win since the 05 Sugar Bowl against Georgia. They haven’t beaten a bcs nonconference team since Colorado in 09 and don’t have an identity.

25 10 2011

Thanks for keeping me updated! Great article!

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