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14 11 2011

I would like to congratulate Roger Federer for, once again, becoming a champion of a tennis tournament; however, this time, it was in a new setting.

In collecting his 69th career title, Federer defeated Tsonga (who has given him trouble in the past) in straight sets 6-1, 7-6 (3) at the Paris Tennis Masters. This is Federer’s first time to win this tournament.

I am very pleased to see Federer hold up a trophy – something he hasn’t been able to do very often of late. This year has been a rough one for the 16-time grand slam champion; this year is the first time since 2002 that Roger Federer has not won a Grand Slam tournament. Many people are proclaiming him to be too old and pronouncing Djokovic (who actually had to retire in this tournament – something he does often when he’s not playing well or is feeling a loss coming) as the new tennis king. I feel as though a man with the type of finesse and command Roger Federer possesses can’t be counted out until the very end. Andre Agassi won the Australian Open when he was 33-years-old and Federer is only 30-years-old. I will have to see a major drop in Federer’s play before I begin feeling nostalgic about his play.

Putting my opinion about where Federer is at right now to the side, even if Federer is, in fact, close to the end of his reign in the tennis world, I can say confidently that I feel blessed to have grown up watching this skillful Switzerland man play some amazing tennis. Thank you Roger.

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