Player Correlation

19 11 2011

With the help of my readers, I created this collection of collegiate and professional athletes, relating them to a single word or short phrase. Every name on this list was given to me by someone else, and then I made the connection. Enjoy!


Elvis Andrus: agile

Michael McKenry: promising

Josh Hamilton: persevere

Brett Favre: indecisive

Jeff Gordon: fastest

DeMarcus Ware: heart

Tony Romo: scrutinized

Tim Tebow: zeal

Andrew Luck: pro-style

Michael Vick: revival

Ben Roethlisberger: scrambling

James Harrison: fines

Albert Pujols: exemplary

LeBron James: talents

Dirk Nowitzki: anomaly

Derek Fisher: 0.4

Blaine Gabbert: efficient

Darelle Revis: island

Chris Johnson: hot-and-cold

Kevin Garnett: screaming

Phil Pressey: high-basketball-IQ

Chad Ochocinco: drama

Shaquille O’Neal: character

Joe Mauer: versatile

Mikko Koivu: competitve

Danny Heatley: Canadian-pride

Kyrie Irving: potential

Rafael Nadal: vigor

Jared Allen: tenacious

Zach Greinke: almost-ace

Neil Walker: homegrown

Brent Johnson: steadfast

Deryk Engelland: fighter

David Freese: unforeseen

Brandin Knight: Calipari-kid

Jackie Battle: determined

Lance Berkman: comeback

Wes Unseld: outlet

EJ Gaines: lockdown

Aaron Rodgers: efficient

Robert Griffin III: Vick-esque

Ken Harvey: overlap-grip

Tom Brady: golden-boy

Michael Young: consistent

Drew Brees: gunslinger

Grant Ressel: wide-right

Roger Federer: impeccable

Michael Phelps: champion

C.J. Wilson: tranquil

Chris Jones: growing

Toddrick Gotcher: Texas-talent

Ian Kinsler: 30-30

J.J. Barea: adversity

Case Keenum: underappreciated

Tristan Thompson: long

Dwayne Wade: flashy

Jason Terry: jet

Stephane Robidas: fearless

Dez Bryant: explosive

Vince Young: tribulations

Jordan Shipley: tight

Sidney Crosby: Gretztacular

Brenden Morrow: commander

Rory Mcilroy: young-gun

DeMarco Murray: budding

Adrian Peterson: relentless

Neftali Feliz: young

Matt Barkley: shadow

Oscar Robinson: triple-double

Spud Webb: unnatural

Chris Anderson: tatted-up

Mike Tyson: wild

Joe Frazier: relentless

Steve NcNair: air-it-out

Cam Newton: smile

Kevin Durant: aptitude


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One response

19 11 2011

Three comments, all ways I would have differed:
1) Michael McKenry in one word- journeyman. he’s the classic mlb journeyman.
2) Deryk Engelland- my favorite player, more of a scrapper than a fighter. Difference comes in the fact that he doesn’t have to fight to make an impact. A fighter is more like Georges Laraque.
3) Brent Johnson- brick wall.

and I’m assuming Brandon Knight was put on instead of Brandin Knight… no biggie.

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