Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Dallas

9 12 2011

When you open your presents this Christmas while watching the Dallas Mavericks play the Miami Heat, you can expect some Vince Carter on the television.

This Tar Heel was released by the Suns today, and the Mavericks didn’t wait long to offer him a multi-year deal that has been reported to be finalized tomorrow.

Vince Carter will be playing with Jason Kidd for the second time in his NBA career. They played together for the New Jersey Nets from 2004-2007.

I would like to be optimistic about the Mavericks’ first move this off-season, but I’m having difficulty seeing this move as a plus for the reigning champs. Vince Carter is a basketball player that made his way into this league because of his athleticism. Absolutely ridiculous athleticism. However, Vintage Vince moments do not happen that often anymore, and this isn’t a shot at him. He is about to hit 35-years-old in January and has bad knees. All players age eventually. Furthermore, I don’t see him fitting in with Carlisle’s system very well, which requires everyone to play a part in the team defense (this side of the court has never been nice to Carter) especially since a lot of 2-3 zone takes place. Carlisle also expects his players to share the ball on the offensive end – something Carter isn’t too fond of. If Carter had ten less years on him and a clean shaven face, this might be a different story.

For this move to work out, Carter will have to accept the fact he might need to be a role player for his new team. Fortunately, the Mavs happen to have a coach that is one of the best at making every player on his squad play a specific role (one word: Barea). If Carter can accept the fact that he might be finished with being the sole source of offense for an NBA team and rather play when and how his coach asks him to, this just might work. However, unless Roddy-B decides to finally be more than potential, Mavs fans better not be hoping the highlight reel will be coming into town anytime soon.

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