Mark, You Have Some Splainin to do

9 12 2011

Many are wondering what exactly Mark Cuban’s plan is for his Dallas Mavericks. Well, Tim MacMahon of recently e-mailed the Mavericks’ owner in an attempt to clear up the confusion about where this Mavericks team is headed. Here is a piece of Cuban’s response.

“In the past, it was different. If we had a problem, I could fix any mistake by having Donnie find a trade and just taking on more money. That is how we got Jet, the Matrix, JKidd, Tyson. It was always about taking on more money. That trick doesn’t work any more for teams over the tax. So we have to change our approach. By getting back under the cap, we have a ton of flexibility not only for free agent signings but also trades. If we can get the right guy(s) via free agency, great. if we do it via trade, great. We have that much more flexibility to make moves.

Again, I know this is tough for all of us after winning a championship. But we still believe as much as last year we are in a position to compete for a championship.”

I don’t know if this clears up all the questions about the direction this Mavs team is heading, but as I read between the lines, I am worried with the way Cuban discusses his new way of having to manage the team.

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One response

9 12 2011

This left me more confused on what the Mavericks are doing now than before.

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