Confused Chris

12 12 2011

Will Chris Paul ever find a landing spot?


David Stern has pulled many “LeBrons” of late, making decisions that cause NBA fans to feel strong hostility towards him.

The Clippers have called off the deal for Chris Paul because they believe David Stern and the owners have asked too much for this one player. I couldn’t agree more. The owners asked for both Erics (Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe), Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu, and Minnesota’s 2012 first-round draft pick. I don’t care how talented the sought-after player is, that’s just asking for too much talent in return, and the league is sending a clear message they don’t want CP3 out of New Orleans unless they get the better end of the deal – by far.

I don’t know how this drama will end up, but you have to feel for Paul who has had too many teams become the front-runner and then disappear as the team he’ll be playing for next year. This surely messes with his mind as the uncertainty won’t go away. Even though there are plenty of owners, media members, and fans that are ready for this drama to be over, Chris Paul will be the most relieved once he finally finds stability with a new team.

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