Hello, Goodbye

13 12 2011

If you’re planning on giving any Mavericks apparel related to Rudy Fernandez this Christmas, make sure and find your receipt.

Marc Stein has reported that Rudy Fernandez – who was traded from the Blazers to the Mavericks for draft picks during this year’s draft – will now be traded for draft picks yet again. The Denver Nuggets are likely to send the Mavericks future draft considerations for the third-year swingman. Because of the Mavericks’ recent signings of Vince Carter, Lamar Odom, and Delonte West, Fernandez did not want to stay in the Big D.

Corey Brewer has been added to this deal. Brewer was picked up late last season by the Mavericks and had stints where he provided a great spark.

Even though the Mavericks do have several shooting guards and small forwards that will be competing for playing time, Rudy must not know Rick Carlisle very well. Carlisle is one of the best at divvying up playing time where everybody gets a chance to prove themselves. I’m surprised Fernandez didn’t even give the Mavericks a try this season. I guess if he was going to have an attitude like this during the season, it’s best for both Fernandez and the Mavericks that he’s moving on.

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