Say It Ain’t So

14 12 2011


Marc Stein has reported that The Los Angeles Clippers have decided to accept the Hornets’ new offer for Chris Paul, according to sources close to the situation.

The proposed trade consists of guard Eric Gordon, center Chris Kaman, forward Al-Farouq Aminu, and Minnesota’s 2012 first round pick for Chris Paul. The Clippers are also expected to receive two future second-round picks. By tonight, the deal should be 100% finished.

In the previous trade, the owners were insistent that Eric Bledsoe needed to be a part of the trade. Once this player was taken off the table, it must have been enough for the Clippers to take on the four-time NBA All-Star.

As I stated in one of my previous posts when the first deal almost went down, I can’t wait to see what the Clippers (mainly Blake Griffin) will be able to do now that they have a player on the team that has averaged 9.9 assists for his career. If Blake Griffin can make it into the SportsCenter top 10 with a dunk practically every time he steps on the court, imagine the highlight reel now that he has a true point guard.

If the Lakers are unable to sign a big name in the next few weeks, I don’t think it is that crazy of a notion to say that this Clippers team has passed up their same-city rival. To add insult to injury, the Lakers wanted Paul just as much as the Clippers. Remember recently when David Stern rejected a trade sending Chris Paul to the Lakers? Well, now they will have to see him four times a year in the Staples Center – just not in a Lakers jersey.

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