The Old and Wise

15 12 2011


Yet again, NBA movement talk overwhelming revolves around Chris Paul. Here’s some ratings for some other pick-ups that have taken place the past few days.



Chicago Bulls sign free-agent Richard Hamilton (A): “If only the Bulls had one more scorer to take some of the load of Derrick Rose” filled the heads of most NBA fans and most likely the Bulls management after LeBron James swatted Rose’s last-second shot in the playoffs, sending the top-seeded Bulls home for good. The shooting guard slot had been lackluster since Ben Gordon went to the Pistons as Keith Bogans provided the Bulls with what much less than they were expecting. This past NBA season was Bogans’s most unproductive season statistically. When the Bulls pulled Bogans from their very first practice last week, a change was clearly going to take place. The signing of 12-year veteran Rip Hamilton couldn’t have been a better move. In the past ten years, who have won championships? Young-gunners or old-geezers? Going back to the 2002-2003 San Antonio Spurs, every championship team found a way to insert solid veteran leadership – the most recent Mavericks being the epitome of this example. Rip brings the Bulls dependable scoring without being a demanding force for the basketball. Last year, Rose had to score and set-up all his teammates to score, but now Rip gives him a player that will move on offense and use screens to his advantage. Hamilton had plenty of other interested teams he could have gone to that would have made him a central source of offense, but by going to the Bulls and becoming the oldest player on the team, he now has a role that could be just what the Bulls need to go to the next level.

(+) reliable source of offense

(+) creates his own shot

(+) veteran leadership

(+) unselfish attitude


Portland Trail Blazers sign free-agent Jamal Crawford (B-): This 2010 Sixth-Man of the Year winner should be an interesting fit for the injury riddled Blazers. Portland players can’t seem to avoid the curse of injuries as three-time all-star Brandon Roy will have to retire due to his knee problems and Greg Oden… enough said. Some of Rip City also worry about recent newcomer Gerald Wallace, who has had multiple concussions because of his reckless play. Crawford will bring the Blazers a player that over the last 9 seasons (once he actually began to play) has had three 80+ game seasons and four 70+ game seasons. Reliability through an entire NBA season has been scarce for the Blazers and Crawford can give them that. This ex-Michigan Wolverine also brings the Blazers a basketball player that is a natural at the sport. He gets his points with ease on a very consistent basis. Last year, Wesley Matthews capped off a breakout season with a 25-point performance in game 3 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. With Raymond Felton most likely running the point, the small guard position will most likely be his position this year – just like Jamal Crawford. While in Atlanta, Crawford embraced the sixth-man role, eventually winning the top award for that spot in 2010. This should happen again. Nate McMillan needs to be careful not to stunt his promising guard’s development with the insertion of Crawford. The 31-year-old will need to take to the bench again this year .

(+) pure and consistent scoring

(+) injury-free

(-) lacking size

(-) taking Wesley Matthews’s minutes away


Minnesota Timberwolves sign free-agent Bonzi Wells (C): I can see where the Timberwolves are coming from with this signing. Toughness and experience weren’t really present with last year’s 17-65 team. So, does this signing provide Minnesota with the pieces they desire? Based off Wells’s career up to 2008, I would have to lean towards no. Wells easily held a reputation as a hothead, especially in his playing days with the Trail Blazers. Having two other hotheads – Zach Randolph and Rasheed Wallace –  on the Blazers during his time there didn’t help out either. Opposite of Richard Hamilton, Bonzi craves the ball and often selfishly needs the ball in his hand – not a good quality for a veteran role player. This 35-year-old shooting guard played for Rick Adelman with Sacramento and with Houston, which most likely helped out with this signing. It also can’t be ignored that he hasn’t played in an NBA game since 2008. Even though he’s been playing overseas the past two years, no matter what league you play in or where you play, the NBA is a quicker and stronger game that stands on its own. There were so many other choices out there Minnesota could have gone that doesn’t have the risk Bonzi Wells brings along with him. If the T-Wolves expect Wells to have any sort of impact similar to Richard Hamilton, they might as well begin to look towards Brad Miller or Luke Ridnour to take command of the veteran role.

(+ & -) experience; no experience the past two years

(-) bad reputation

(-) selfish with the ball

(-) underdeveloped three-pointer


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