Thank Yu Japan!

20 12 2011

C.J. Wilson’s departure left a hole in the Rangers starting rotation. After today, Texas has made a huge step towards filling in that hole.

The Texas Rangers came out as the highest bidder for Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish, reportedly posting a $51.7 million bid to simply get the chance to sign him to the team.

The 2011 AL Champs will now have 30 days to get a contract together for Darvish. If no deal occurs, the bid doesn’t go through, and the Japanese pitcher will stay with in Japan this next season. However, I have no doubt a contract will get done, most likely around the amount of the bid. This would put the total amount of money spent for Darvish a little above $100 million.

This right-handed pitcher has been followed closely by many MLB teams as he posted a 93-38 record while in Japan along with a 1.99 ERA. This 25-year-old has phenomenal control on the mound and also has been reported to have a seven-pitch repertoire.

This is actually the second Japanese pitcher Rangers General Manager has gone after, bringing in Colby Lewis right before the 2010 season began.

This 6-foot-5  monster will have a lot of hype prior to and during the upcoming season. With the Rangers inability to finish off their playoff run two years in a row, many locally and nationally will pay close attention to what Darvish brings to this squad immediately. He could possibly be inserted as the the Rangers No. 1 starter. (Talk about build up.)

Looking at the Rangers pitching, Ron Washington will have his work cut out for him. Darvish, Holland, Lewis, Harrison, Ogando, and Feliz all look to be legitimate contenders for one of the five starting positions. With this signing, I believe the best move would be to send Ogando back to his 2010 position in the bullpen where he held the 7th and 8th inning down on a consistent basis. Throw him in with Mike Adams and Joe Nathan would provide the Rangers with a very scary bullpen.

Many analysts wonder if Darvish will be able to transfer his play in Japan to the big leagues in America. If Darvish can come anywhere close to the consistency on the mound he provided for his former team and establish a diverse set of pitches early on, I can easily see Darvish playing a key role in the Rangers starting rotation.

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20 12 2011

Japanese pitchers rarely turn out in the MLB (see: Dice-K). I’d be wary of anyone charging money just to talk to them… seems a bit ridiculous. Also, he’ll want a lot more than just doubling the bid to talk. His contract should end up between 120 and 140 million. Way overpaying for a very risky prospect.

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