Troubled Torrealba

27 12 2011

“Violence never solved anything” must have not been preached to Torreabla when he was a child… or an adult.

Texas Rangers backup catcher Yorvit Torrealba lost control of his temper in a Venezuelan League game yesterday because of a strike called and hit the umpire in the face.

The 33-year-old catcher has been suspended 66 games by this league (the rest of the season) and Jon Daniels said he will look into the situation to see if further punishments will be handed out by the Rangers.

Torrealba put out a statement with a complete apology for his actions and regrets what he did.

“I wanted to express my sincere apologies to all parties for my actions during the Venezuelan Winter League game on Friday. I have extended an apology to the Rangers organization as well. I am embarrassed for my conduct, and personally relayed that feeling to the umpire after that night’s game. On the field, I strive to be an example for children, especially those in my native Venezuela, and I regret my actions. I understand the reactions to the incident and will make every effort to set a positive example in the future.”

No matter the situation, hitting a referee or an umpire in a sports game is unacceptable. These men are trying to do their job just as the players do the best at theirs. Unless a change takes place to the game, players need to understand mistakes will be made – it’s inevitable. Referees and Umpires are humans, which means they will not call 100% perfect games. No matter if you agree whether or not a computer should be calling strikes and balls, this concept still needs to be understood since no changes are going to take place any time soon. They play a part in the game, and to strike a referee or umpire because you disagree with how they call the game can only be described as immature and foolish. I won’t be surprised if Daniels decides to hand out his own punishments for Torrealba’s actions.

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