Lassoed Cowboys

2 01 2012

I don’t think this fan knew at the time how relevant his poster would be for such a long period of time.

After grabbing a 21-0 lead on the Cowboys yesterday, the New York Giants easily finished their last game of the season with a 31-14 victory to become the NFC East Championship. All of a sudden, the Giants have gone from an inconsistent has-been to a championship contender – similar to their transformation during their push in 2007 when they won the Superbowl.

What about the Cowboys? Well, they have found a way to once again fall short in the biggest way possible. In the past 15 years, the Cowboys have been to the playoffs eight times. How many of those games have they won? One. How many of the past seven Monday Night Football games have they won? Zero.

Similar to this year’s pathetic ending, the 2008 season could have ended somewhere in the playoffs, but that Dallas team had other plans. They allowed the last regular season game of the year –  a 44-6 defeat to the Eagles – finish their year. (At least Tony Romo was able to go to Cancun with Jessica Simpson prior to the beatdown his team took.)

Unlike in 2008, the Cowboys didn’t just sit back and give up (something Wade Phillips had a knack for letting his team do) in yesterday’s game. However, are the renowned ‘Boys to the point of taking moral victories when they used to simple get victories? For a team that won only one game against a football squad with a winning record, I would have to say yes.

How many more chances will Tony Romo get as the Cowboys quarterback?

There is more that worries me about this team than simply mediocrity. In the past six years, I have never seen a football team before find such creative ways to lose so many football games. From Garrett’s icing of his own kicker to the season opener giveaway to the Jets, Dallas keeps finding ways to surprise me with their losses. Out of their eight losses this year, they led during the fourth quarter in five of them. Whether there are bad calls or dumb plays, fans have had to expect the unexpected when crunch time comes around for these Cowboys.

Out of all the frustration being spout out by so many Cowsheep, I feel most for Tony Romo. The Cowboy’s quarterback finished the season with 4,184 yards, 31 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions. Romo joins Aaron Rodger, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Matthew Stafford as the only quarterbacks this season to have a touchdown/interception ratio of more than +20. This team allowed one of Romo’s best seasons to go down the drain. Romo has had his fair share of finger pointing right at his #9 jersey, but this season, those fingers have to be pointed elsewhere.

When Rob Ryan joined this Cowboys organization and spatted trash talk towards the Philadelphia Eagles, many had high hopes his toughness could turn this dreaded defense around. The only thing Ryan turned around was Newman as he watched receivers run by him. Ryan instilled a defense that heavily blitzed, which gave opposing offenses chances at big plays. As Victor Cruz’s 74-yard touchdown from last night epitomizes, the Big D’s secondary could not handle this pressure, giving up big play after big play throughout the season. Since a new defensive coordinator can’t get the job done, hopefully Jerry Jones can get the message that this defense needs a facelift. No matter the amount or length of contract current defensive players have, Jerry needs to make some drastic changes to adjust this D. Now.

Many look towards the Cowboys five rushing touchdowns this season as a big problem for the rushing game and the front line. However, there has to be an asterisk next to this statistic since Marion Barber went to the Bears, DeMarco Murray broke his ankle, and Felix Jones missed some time due to a tight hamstring. Once the ‘Boys get Murray and Jones back to 100%, they might finally have a consistent running game.

With the emergence of the young Lions and 49ers joining the already elite Packers and Saints as the top teams in the NFC, the Cowboys have a long way to go. To add on to that, the Eagles finished their regular season strong, looking to improve greatly next season. Even though every single Cowboys season seems to have high expectations attached to it, unless a major signing takes place, the bar should be lowered. Reality needs to settle in about this squad and Super Bowl bound doesn’t need to be attached to this franchise right now. At least this loss to the Giants shot any hope that this current team has what it takes to go all the way.

As the Cowboys go into the offseason with yet another disappointing ending, hopefully America will realize this squad as it is might not have what it takes to bring the franchise their sixth Superbowl.

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One response

2 01 2012

I wouldn’t say Romo is free of blame at all this season. He gave the game away against the Jets. He was awful against the Giants this week. He’s been questionable in those fourth quarter meltdowns every single time. He puts up good numbers, yes, but he is not a winning quarterback. He’s like a broken door- unable to close.

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