Serena Williams – Tired of it?

3 01 2012

Tennis superstar Serena Williams had some interesting things to say about where she stands with the sport she has dominated for so many years. Here is what she told

“I don’t love tennis today, but I’m here, and I can’t live without it… so I’m still here and I don’t want to go anywhere any time soon… it’s not that I’ve fallen out of love; I’ve actually never liked sports, and I never understood how I became an athlete… I don’t like working out; I don’t like anything that has to do with working physically.”

Even though this makes it seem as though Williams will have a drop in play during the upcoming Australian Open, I don’t see it this way. Williams has always been inundated by the press because of her antics, including many arguments with umpires. Sometimes, it seems as though Williams isn’t able to handle all the pressure from the press and lashes out while at the mic. Williams seemed much more relaxed and carefree before yet another Grand Slam tournament which bodes well for the 13-time Grand Slam winner. Even though her income from tournaments has dropped in each of the past three years, she looked very fit during her most recent victory over Chanelle Scheepers in the first round of the WTA Brisbane International tournament, 6-2, 6-3. Serena Williams and Roger Federer have both amazed me with their ability to effectively play their game year in and year out. Even though there might be some signs that the 30-year-old American is losing her touch, I have no doubt Williams will be successful in Melbourne Park.

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