Fishing in St. Louis

13 01 2012

ESPN has just reported that Jeff Fisher will become the St. Louis Rams new head coach. Steve Spagnuolo was fired by St. Louis management after he finished the season with a 2-14 record.

Sources reported earlier that Fisher was wavering between the Rams and the Dolphins.

With the departure of the Rams General Manager Billy Devaney from last season, Fisher now will be able to play a major role in deciding who the next GM will be. Since Fisher made it clear he only wanted to coach a team where he was joining a team in a prime position, this definitely fits his needs. Furthermore, he will be joining an organization with the #2 pick in the draft.

I believe this is a great move for the Rams as Fisher brings a great resume to their squad. Coaching the Oilers/Titans for 16 years, he instilled a sense of toughness to the team. He has always been respected as one of the top coaches in the league – without ever winning a championship. Even though the end of his time there seemed to have a big fallout, most of that relates to Vince Young and his inability to work in Fisher’s system.

If Justin Blackmon is taken with their #2 pick, I believe this would be the perfect move for Fisher and his new Rams team. Adding this stud wide receiver to a healthy Sam Bradford and Stephen Jackson could create a very dangerous big three.

By signing Jeff Fisher, the Rams now have only way to go – up.

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13 01 2012

Props to the Rams for attempting a turnaround. Jeff Fisher is the guy to do it.

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