He’s Back!

19 01 2012

After playing only 10 games the past three seasons due to injuries, being out of shape, and immaturity, it will be interesting to see how the slimmer, healthier, and more relaxed Eddy Curry plays when he makes his debut either tonight or in one of the Heat’s upcoming games.

He has been putting in extra work ever since the Heat decided to pick him up in free agency, and Spoelstra isn’t letting that go unnoticed by giving him a chance to play on the court. His last NBA game came in a New York Knicks uniform on December 17th, 2009 against the Chicago Bulls.

It would be a good idea to bring Curry in for the Lakers game tonight since he is the only Heat player standing at 7-0 and matching the tall Los Angeles’s frontcourt (Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol).

Curry will get a chance to show his old team his new “self” when the Knicks visit America Airlines Arena on January 27.

I would love to see Curry succeed on the court from this point forward (I can’t believe I’m openly rooting for a Heat player to do well). Seeing athletes hit rock bottom, but then work their way back up through sheer determination shows such strong character and epitomizes what our “second chance” country is all about.

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