Royalty Brewing in Detroit

24 01 2012

The Tigers have had the king of pitching – Justin Verlander – the past seven years. They now have a Prince.

One of the top three free agents of this offseason, first baseman Prince Fielder, signed a nine year, $214 million deal with the Detroit Tigers, a source told Jerry Crasnick of

Fielder and his agent were patient in finding a team for the 2012 MLB season. I would say it worked quite well with the amount of cash he will be bringing in throughout the next nine years…

The addition of Fielder brings the Tigers instant and consistent offense. During the past six years with the Brewers, he only missed 10 total games, playing a complete 162 game in two of those six seasons. He averaged 38 home runs, 127 walks, and 163 hits during that time. It would be pretty difficult to find a player out there more productive year in and year out than Mr. Fielder.

The competition in the AL has now been set in stone. Last season, the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, and Detroit Tigers won their respective divisions while the Tampa Bay Rays claimed the wild-card spot. I don’t see any of this changing. This signing only bolstered my belief that the Tigers will win their division once again. With the insertion of a second-wild card team, I believe the Los Angeles Angels will join this group in the playoffs.

With Yu Darvish, Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson, and Prince Fielder all joining new teams in the American League, who now becomes the favorite to go to the World Series from the AL? Until I see actual gameplay, I have to go with the team that has been there (twice) most recently – the Texas Rangers. They have established a solid team chemistry with the guys returning to the team while also cashing in on a big name pitcher from Japan. However, if the Tigers can insert Fielder into their game plan without many early problems, they could be very dangerous. They have superior pitching. They now have superior hitting. If those two aspects to their game solidify for the entire 162 game season, watch out for another roaring Detroit professional sports team.

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24 01 2012

Losing the ace of your staff and having the 2nd best hitter in baseball on another AL team makes the Rangers an underdog in the AL. Furthermore, with the Angels acquiring Albert and CJ, they become the favorite to win the American League. Top 3 in order goes Halos, Tigers, Yankees.

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