Steph Does It All

26 01 2012

When Stephen Curry attended Davidson, he put up ridiculous numbers almost every single night. Last night against the Blazers, Curry reminded Oracle Arena just how good he can be.

The Golden State Warriors (6-11) defeated the Portland Trail Blazers (11-8), 101-93. Many Warriors contributed to this win, especially Brandon Rush’s 3-3 shooting from behind the arc. He leads the league in three-pointfield goal percentage at a ridiculous¬†57.4 mark. However, this game was all about #30.

38 12-19 6-8 2-3 6 7 4 32


He didn’t take ill-advised shots, efficiently shot the ball from three-point range, and stayed active on the defensive end.

The fact that Curry only had one turnover for the entire 38 minutes he was on the floor really stands out to me. Averaging 3.72 turnovers in his previous seven games and racking up five turnovers in three of those games, Stephen Curry has struggled to protect the rock. By carefully handling the ball as he did last night, he helps out his team that already has Monta Ellis wrestling with the same problem (3.9 turnovers per game).

When Curry can have a game like he did last night, he makes this Warriors team dangerous and able to take down any opponent. They handed the Bulls one of their four losses in a 99-91 victory… Stephen Curry had 21 points, 10 assists, 7 rebounds, and 6 steals.

Curry hasn’t had the easiest time figuring out his role with the Warriors. Coming to a team where there is already a point guard with the exact weight and height (Monta Ellis) as you will obviously be tough. That’s not to say a career average of 18.0 ppg isn’t respectable, but any other team would be able to provide Curry with more than 14.2 shot attempts per game for his career.

This year has been even harder for Curry since an ankle sprain kept him out 9 of the first 14 games. He came back this past Friday versus the Pacers and then against the Grizzlies on Monday. Both of these performances were not Curry-like as he didn’t shoot well from the field and turned the ball over a total eight times.

After his showing against the Blazers, there can’t be any doubt Curry and his ankle feel much better. It will be exciting to see what Curry can do in his third season as this year progresses.

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