Surprise Birthday Party

13 02 2012

Who knows how many birthday presents Randy received this year. What we do know is his gift to the NFL might be returned.

Randy Moss has made an announcement that he (once again) wants to come out of retirement and make a return to the NFL in 2012.

This comeback is Favre-esque as his early retirement barely lasted six months before he made this statement. There were even reports last September he was hoping a team contending for the Super Bowl would pick him up (no one did). Maybe when he played with Brett Favre in 2010 he took after his indecisiveness.

For his 13-year career, Moss has 954 receptions, 14,858 yards and 153 touchdowns. His touchdowns receptions are tied with Terrell Owens – another over-the-hill receiver attempting to make a comeback – for second all-time behind Jerry Rice (197).

Most of his NFL career took place in Minnesota. After seven years with the Vikings, he spent two years in Oakland. Many believed his career was over when he left the Raiders organization for the Patriots, but he found some motivation to string together three great seasons with New England. After these three years came the screeching halt to his career. He started the season with the Patriots, took a pit-stop back in Minnesota, and then finished up in Tennesssee. He collected only 393 yards by the end of the season, less than a third of what he had received the previous season.

Pure athletic ability helped Moss become the elite receiver he is considered to be (or have been). Many of his routes consisted of him simply running as fast as he could in a straight line. Other than Calvin Johnson, I can’t think of another receiver close to his combination of size, strength, and speed.

This natural athleticism is actually what makes me skeptical about his comeback. At the age of 35, will he be able to have that burst of agility that allowed him to get behind so many secondaries? He has never been known for his ability to run routes, and that is what he would need to be doing especially well. Also, Moss has never had the best attitude – that is one of the main reasons the Patriots simply cut him from the team in 2010 after only four games. Since he won’t be joining any squad as their #1 receiver, who will be willing to take the risk on a player that seems to be forcing the issue with his comeback? I think the answer to that question would be “no one.” Moss will eventually come to this realization. Or be like Favre and just keep coming back…

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