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20 02 2012

Just when it seemed as though MLB teams finally decided to stop taking a chance on Ramirez, the A’s proved that notion wrong.

Manny Ramirez told ESPN’s Pedro Gomez today he will be joining the Oakland Athletics this next season. Sources say the deal is worth about $500,000.

The Man-Ram will not be playing right away, though. Because Ramirez violated baseball’s drug policy for a second time at the beginning of last season with the Rays, his suspension will hold him out of the A’s first 50 games. If the team can get through this many games without a rainout, June 2 at Kansas City would be Ramirez’s first game.

Turning 40 later this year, Ramirez has had his fair share of baseball games, making this next year his 20th major league season. He has a .312 career batting average and 555 home runs.

From the A’s perspective, I don’t know if this pick-up will be enough to make them competitive in the AL West. They have to compete against a Texas Rangers team that has proven to be a consistent winner the past two years with back-to-back World Series appearances. Now, the new-look Los Angeles Angels with Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson will be fighting for the pennant. Even if Ramirez has a revitalized season, I don’t think his powerful bat in the middle of the lineup can make this team a division or playoff competitor.

From Manny’s perspective, I like what he is trying to achieve – if he truly means what he says.

Watching this video makes me appreciate what he is trying to accomplish with this comeback. He has a much bigger goal in mind than simply playing baseball again. He did, however, lie in the past (twice) by taking substances the league deemed to be illegal for the sport. Even though this should make people cautious to buy what Manny is selling, this interview with Pedro Gomez did make his intentions seem sincere.

Hopefully, for the good of the sport and of Manny Ramirez, he truly means what he says…

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