Great Shot

21 02 2012

ADDS NAME OF COACH - New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, Right, Holds

What a great photo of Carmelo Anthony grabbing onto Jeremy Lin’s hands as he leaves the game after fouling out.

Even though the Knicks lost to the bottom-of-the-barrell New Jersey Nets, 100-92, an immediate negative assessment can’t be made about this team. Not only did Deron Williams (38 points) suddenly decide to take all of this “Linsanity” personally since the New Yorker started his surge against the Nets All-Star, but this was also Carmelo Anthony’s first game back from an ailing injury. The answer to the question revolving around whether Jeremy and ‘Melo will work together must come after more games have been played.

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One response

21 02 2012

A bit disappointing, but I wasn’t expecting a Knicks blowout win, even against the Nets. I’m not sure Melo, Amare, and Jeremy Lin are going to all completely work together. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

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