Fun Fact Friday

24 02 2012

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar holds the all-time record for most All-Star appearances with 19 selections while Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett hold the record among active players with 14 appearances. Jerry West is the sole owner of the record for most consecutive All-Star selections (14) and Kobe Bryant (not counting 2010 when he was unable to play in the game due to an injury) leads active players with 13 straight selections. If this injury breaks the streak, then Dirk Nowitzki becomes the record-holder with 11 straight appearances.

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3 responses

24 02 2012

That’s just unbelievable. 19 All-Star selections for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar! Every player would love to just play for 19 seasons, let alone have that many All-Star appearances!

24 02 2012

If injuries count then lockout of 99 where players actually were selected but there wasn’t a game should definitely count. If that is the case, both Duncan and Kobe would have 14 straight, and I believe Kevin Garnett would too, among active players only. Also, if injury replacement does not count in the streak, nor the lockout, but only appearances, Duncan would have the longest streak among active players with 12 straight appearances from 2000-2011. If however you are saying among active players who have most active straight appearances in a game including this year, then as long as dirk plays this year, yes he would have most straight selections in a game by players playing in the game this year. I know we’re Mavs fans and all but gotta give Duncan credit where credit is due

24 02 2012

I’m including this year, so Duncan and also Garnett don’t count. In no way am I trying to disrespect Duncan – just including this year’s All-Star selection in my fact.

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