Spend As Much As You Want, Jerry

27 02 2012

The Cowboys have an owner who does things his own way. No discussion.

For once, this man might be adjusting his methods.

The third-highest grossing sports franchise in the world would seemingly spend a lot of money in free agency – right? Just look at the New York Yankees (the second-highest) and their ability to take away great players from the rising teams.

The Dallas Cowboys, however, do not spend extravagantly. In fact, they haven’t spent very much at all in the past few years. DE Kenyon Coleman and S Abram Elam are the only unrestricted free agents the ‘Boys have signed in the past two years. Neither of these men had high expectations coming in nor ended up having that significant of an impact for the dreadful Dallas defense. (I guess Rob Ryan isn’t the answer, either.)

In 2009, they signed three players – three more than how many they signed in 2008.

This team actually sits $12.6 million under the cap and has room to increase this number by releasing players.

With the emergence of the Giants as an elite team and the endless potential with a dangerous Eagles team, the Cowboys need to upgrade in order to compete in the NFC East.

Won’t this offseason be just like the past four years for Dallas? Jerry Jones makes me believe otherwise.

“The way I read it all right now is that we’re going to be active in free agency,” Jones said.

I couldn’t be more happy to hear a statement like this from the Cowboy’s banker.

The Cowboys have been in interminable mediocrity since Troy Aikman decided to retire. Because of this ability to remain somewhat decent right around .500, no high draft picks have come their way. Tyron Smith coming to the club as the ninth pick was a solid contribution after their 6-10 2010 season during a coaching change.

The Cowboys hold the 14th pick in this year’s draft, and I think G David DeCastro out of Stanford will be drafted due to the Cowboys desperate need to get some guys up front that can protect Tony Romo.

Even though DeCastro or whoever the Cowboys pick could possibly have a huge impact on the team next season, their pick won’t bring in the type of energy and excitement a free agent signing can produce. Just look at how much hype is revolving around their fellow DFW sports team, the Texas Rangers, because of their Yu Darvish signing.

If Jones truly means what he says and plans to spend some cash this offseason, the Cowboys are in a good place. They need change. They need some new faces. This team has had the same players going through the same motions for too long. Bringing in a established NFL player to the team needs to happen and Jones knows it.

Three names come to mind: LB Mario Williams, DE Calais Campbell and CB Cortland Finnegan. I don’t care how much money Jones has to spend because the ability to bring in a playmaker on the defensive side of the field needs to happen. Soon. Signing any of these players would provide a huge boost for a lackadaisical defense to say the least.

Even though NFL free agency won’t be happening for a while, Jerry Jones hopefully is planning how he will attack the market. This is the time for Jerry to make a big-time splash. This is the time for him to show why he has been an owner for so long. Without a free agent signing, this team has the potential to have yet another middle-of-the-pack season and fall farther away from a championship with Romo at the helm.

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14 03 2012
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