D-Will Pours in 57

4 03 2012

If tonight showed the nation anything about D-Will, it would be that he needs to be out of New Jersey.

In a back and forth game between two of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference, the New Jersey Nets defeated the Charlotte Bobcats, 104-101, due in large – gigantic part to Williams’s out-of-his-mind play.

This Sunday has already been filled with some great NBA basketball. After Rondo made history with his own performance, Deron Williams decided to keep the extreme level of point guard play going with the monster show he put on against the dreaded Bobcats. (Too bad only 13,564 people showed up to see the performance.)

38 16-29 4-11 21-21 6 7 57


When some of the best players get in a certain zone, they seem to make shots no matter who has a hand in their face or who challenges their shots. Williams had one of these nights.

Whether he was pulling up for a jumper or crashing into the lane, he just kept scoring and would not allow his team to leave Time Warner Cable Arena without the win… and they barely got it.

Who will Deron Williams be playing for in the 2012-2013 NBA season?

That’s the problem right now for D-Will and hopefully he realizes it. In order to take down one of the worst NBA teams in the past decade, this point guard had to carry his team to victory and not in a good way. While the rest of his team crawled towards the finish line, Williams was sprinting but kept having to go back to push his team forward. This image represents the entire Nets 2011-2012 season.

I don’t care if the Nets are playing in New Jersey or in Brooklyn or in Paris or on the moon, Deron Williams will not win if he re-signs with the team. It doesn’t matter how good he plays or the impact he has night in and night out – this team doesn’t have what it takes.

Now, I understand Dwight Howard’s destination for the next NBA season plays a factor, but D-Will can only go off what he has in front of him… which is something hard to swallow.


*Deron Williams’s 57 points stands as the New Jersey Nets franchise record, a career-high and the 2011-2012 NBA season-high for most points in a single game.

*Only five point guards in NBA history have scored more points in a single game than Williams – Pete Maravich (68), Jerry West (63), Allen Iverson (60, 58), Gilbert Arenas (60) and Fred Brown (58).

*Williams shooting 21-21 from the free throw line puts him three free throws away from the all-time record for most free throws made in an NBA game without a miss. Dirk Nowitzki holds the record when he shot 24-24 from the line in Game 1 of the 2011 Western Conference Finals.

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