Rondo Does it All… Literally

4 03 2012

After the Knicks and Celtics faced off for an NBA Sunday afternoon ABC match-up, a certain point guard came away with an eye-opening performance… and his name wasn’t Jeremy Lin.

In a game between the seven and eight seed in the East, this game had a playoff feel to it. The previous two meetings between these two teams each ended up being only a two-point victory, each team winning their home game. Only half a game separated these two teams in the standings prior to this battle.

After a hard-fought game in regulation, it took overtime for the Boston Celtics to finally defeat the New York Knicks, 115-111. Not only is this the most points the C’s have put up all season long, but they now have a four-game winning streak.

With all of the pressure riding on this nationally televised game, Rajon Rondo decided to show America how foolish it is to think that the Celtics should trade this man.

48 1 1 17 20 18

That’s Rondo’s line… for one game.

The NBA is currently in a time when people are beginning to expect point guards to do it all. Rondo took this notion to the extreme and did so in 48 minutes.

He played spectacular throughout the entire night, making Linsanity seem like an afterthought.

Not only did the C’s point guard make all fantasy owners grin because of his performance, but he also played big when it mattered most.

After Paul Pierce made some clutch shots in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, Rondo single-handedly won overtime for these aging Celtics.

Putting up five points and dishing out two assists, Rondo was a part of all the overtime points except for two Brandon Bass free throws (and Rondo actually fed the ball to Bass before he was hacked). To add to this offense, Rondo grabbed five of the six rebounds for his team in the extra five minutes of play.

I think this single performance puts all trade rumors to rest. I don’t care what direction a team says they’re going in, when someone has a performance like Rondo’s triple-double explosion, to trade that player would be absurd – especially if the player is only 26!

Even if the big three’s era shall soon come to a close and the Celtics plan to move in another direction with the team, Rondo needs to be an integral part of the next era to play in the Garden.


*Rondo’s 20 assists are the most by any player this season.

*Rondo grabbing 17 boards gives him a career high in rebounds.

*Rondo posted a 15 point, 15 assist, 15 rebound game. There is only one other active player that has ever done this before – Jason Kidd (twice).

*Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson are the only other players in NBA history to have 15 points, 20 assists, 15 rebounds.

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4 03 2012
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