The Inevitable Trade

13 03 2012

As the first big-time NBA trade went down Tuesday, a player left Golden State that never had a chance of staying there.

The Golden State Warriors have traded Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown to the Milwaukee Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.

A move sending Ellis out of Golden State was bound to happen once the franchise drafted Stephen Curry in 2007. Having the same listed height (6-3) and weight (185), these two men just have too many similarities to play together on the same team. It has been apparent the four and a half seasons and a change needed to be made.  Even though Ellis is the more complete player, he provided the Warriors with the best trade value and they finally decided to send him on his way.

The Bucks sent away a former first round pick center along with a disgruntled veteran. The Bogut era in Milwaukee never seemed to work out, as his time there was filled with too many injury-plagued seasons. For Jackson, he will go back to the one place that fits his style of play – selfish. The Warriors care about scoring a lot of points while teamwork remains off the list of priorities. Even though Captain Jack won’t be on a winning team as he hopes to be traded to, he will at least be able to be a volume shooter without any consequences.

With Ellis’s departure to Milwaukee, it looks as though Dwight Howard will remain put. Even though the Magic will spend the last 24 hours before the trade deadline looking for any trade possibilities to bring in someone for D12, Ellis provided Orlando with the best opportunity to make that happen. Without Ellis on the market, there aren’t many teams out there that will take on all of the other pieces (Hedo Turkoglu, specifically) to get Howard for a single season.

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