Move for Carr and Orton Validates Jerry’s Statement

14 03 2012

Finally – the Cowboys made an offseason move worth talking about.

The Dallas Cowboys have agreed to a five-year deal with CB Brandon Carr worth $50.1 million. They have also agreed to a three-year deal with QB Kyle Orton worth an unspecified amount. Both of these men played for the Kansas City Chiefs last season.

Even though the NFL took away some money from the Cowboys’ salary cap due to front-loading contracts two seasons ago, the release of Terence Newman created $6 million in salary-cap space which helped move both of these deals along.

Carr, Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick are the Cowboys’ current top three cornerbacks. Jerry Jones did make it seem as though Scandrick will consequently move from outside to slot corner.

Kyle Orton will now play the back-up quarterback role for this Dallas team. With Jon Kitna and Brad Johnson being previous back-ups, it’s clear that Jones likes having an established, veteran quarterback ready to go if Romo gets injured. Playing for three teams in his seven-year career, Orton has learned many teams’ systems and adapted effectively. He will fill the role of #2 QB well.

I am pleased to see the Cowboys make these moves, specifically with Carr. Jones told the media he would be active in free agency and his actions are matching his words. The Cowboys clearly needed help with their abysmal secondary that even a Ryan brother couldn’t fix, and Carr gives them the best shot at improving this area of the field.

The Cowboys are currently in the most competitive division in the league. Eagles. Redskins. Giants. All of these teams will provide problems for Romo’s squad. A change needed to be made that allowed them to take a step away from their perpetual mediocrity. Even if this isn’t the last move for the Cowboys, it is one in the right direction.

Coming off another solid season, Carr fits the Cowboys’ needs perfectly. The 25-year-old made a career-high four interceptions and registered 45 tackles last season. He brings a new face to the defensive side of the field and can hopefully energize a static group of men. I can’t wait to see what he can do once he gets on the field.

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