Some Things Just Can’t Be Passed Up

19 03 2012

Tim Tebow created new life for the Denver Broncos.

Tebowmania hit the entire nation hard as he found ways to win game after game last year, no matter the deficit or the situation. He took his team to the playoffs and went on to defeat the injured Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs, receiving the GMC Never Say Never Award.

Even though he plays the quarterback position in a dysfunctional manner, all signs pointed to a future in Denver. John Elway even seemed to think so after the Broncos were dismantled by the New England Patriots in the second round of the playoffs.

“I think Tim has earned the right to be the starting quarterback going into training camp next year,” Elway said. “He made some good strides this year. He played very well against Pittsburgh and he played very well in a lot of football games.”

However, once a certain prototypical quarterback showed interest with the Broncos, things changed. Quickly.

Peyton Manning will be the next quarterback and leader of the Denver Broncos, according to multiple sources. Once this deal goes through and Manning is on the roster, Tim Tebow will be on the market.

Manning’s relationship with Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway clearly played a role in this signing. They had a friendly relationship prior to this move and Manning will surely enjoy working with the former Broncos quarterback.

This move allows John Fox to focus most of his energy on the defensive end of the field. Denver will expect Manning to take command of the offense and instill his methods on the entire squad. It should be expected for many signings or trades to take place that brings in personnel Manning wants to work with. He will do much more than simply be a quarterback – he will run this offense.

Because of the weakness in the AFC West, Manning should be able to take his new team right back to the playoffs. He has proven multiple times that he doesn’t need a set of superstar receivers to have a Pro Bowl type season. As long as Von Miller and the rest of the Broncos defense play like they did last season, a playoff berth seems clear-cut.

The biggest loser in this move isn’t the San Francisco 49ers nor the Tennessee Titans. Neither of these franchises is down and out, and both teams will sooner or later find a way to be successful.

The biggest loser is Tim Tebow. John Fox structured his entire offense around the Florida Gator, allowing him to play his odd way. Once the Broncos inevitably trade him, bad times are ahead. It doesn’t matter where his next destination will be or whether he will be a back-up or starter, Tebow’s bright future just became very dim. Don’t expect Tebowmania to come back any time soon.

Even though there is a sense of loyalty on every professional sports team, the Peyton Manning sweepstakes reminded America that the NFL is a business.

The Colts decided to release the face of their franchise because the ownership started to drool about the image of Andrew Luck in a blue-and-white uniform for years to come. They didn’t give their 11-time Pro Bowl quarterback a contract and showed him the door out of Indianapolis.

Even though the quarterback they let go isn’t as established as No. 18, The Broncos made a similar move. As Elway’s quote proves, this organization sent Tebow a message that he was their future. He could feel comfortable about his future. Once Manning came along, however, all of this went to the wayside. Loyalty to their playoff-winning quarterback did not matter to the Broncos.

This should simply be a reminder to sports fans: be careful getting attached to your favorite player on your favorite team. Very few players want to or get the chance to stick it out through the thick and thin with one franchise for their entire career, no matter the sport. Hopefully Tebow realizes this as he moves on to the next stage of his NFL career because it will surely be a dissatisfying stage.

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