Lamar Odom? He Loves to Be No. 1…

21 03 2012

The Los Angeles Lakers took down the Dallas Mavericks, 109-93, as the absence of Brendan Haywood and Shawn Marion clearly hurt the Mavs chances of winning this game. Los Angeles easily outrebounded Dallas, 46-29, and Bryant was able to go off (30 points on 11-18 shooting) because Marion wasn’t there to hassle him.

However, there was another factor at play that helped the Lakers grab the W: Lamar Odom.

24 1 1 1 1 1

Take a second to soak in this stat line and realize how little he is contributing to this team…

It’s pitiful to see this kind of play from the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. If there was any game the Mavs could have hoped for Odom to finally break out of his soft shell, it would have been the game against the team that sent him into this disaster of a season.

Instead, Odom decided to keep playing basketball the way he has all season long – apathetically.

Even though this seems harsh for a basketball player, he deserves this criticism. He can play better. He can play with a passion. He can play like he is a key factor toward the success of a team. He just can’t seem to play in any of these manners this season, and the Mavericks can only take so much of his lethargic play before they need to take him out of the rotation.

There can’t be anymore “just wait until Odom buys into what the Mavericks are selling” approach to No. 7. The player that showed up tonight will be the one showing up most nights. He will have an occasional game where he actually scores in double-digits, but it can’t be expected of him. There is no reason to expect that he will kick it into another gear this late in the season (but personally, I hope and dream that he will). He has decided to sit back this season and demote himself to the third best power forward in Dallas.

Thank you, Lamar, for giving Dallas a season that the city will remember to forget.

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