Roger Goodell Drops the Hammer

21 03 2012

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell has made it clear over the past couple of years that player safety is going to be a chief concern of his. He backed his words up with actions last year by increasing fines and penalties associated with certain types of hits. Now, he has hit the New Orleans Saints with unprecedented sanctions over their infamous “bounty hunter” system.

In essence, the Saints would pay their players bonus money if they were able to take out specific players on the opposing team. If the player couldn’t leave the field under his own power and had to be carted off, the payouts were more. Furthermore, the targeted players were usually quarterbacks and wide receivers who would put their bodies into “vulnerable” positions while throwing or catching the football.

Multiple fines were handed down, this year’s and next year’s second round draft picks were taken away, the general manager has been suspended six games and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (now with the St. Louis Rams) has been suspended indefinitely. The biggest shock might be that Super Bowl winning coach Sean Payton will be suspended the entire 2012 season without pay. Of course, a big reason Payton received such a severe punishment is that he apparently lied about knowing about this disgusting program.

When will people learn that covering up a crime can be just as bad as the crime itself? The NFL stated that he “falsely den[ied] that the program existed.”

American football is a dangerous sport, and players get hurt. It’s an inherent part of the game that has developed in our country. However, if NFL coaches are paying their players to basically send opposing players to the hospital, the league had to step in and make it clear that this practice is unacceptable.

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22 03 2012

My vote goes to Roger Goodell on his decision to penalies New Orleans coach. I was disappointed years ago when I found out that wrestling was all an act. What is happening here is bare faced brute force to weaken the other side so your team can win. That is not a victory it is stealing!

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