What To Do With Tebow…

21 03 2012

When Peyton Manning decided to join the Denver Broncos, most people saw Tim Tebow’s time in Denver coming to an end.

So then we all started to wonder where the boy from Florida would end up. Reports came down today that a deal was in place to send Tebow to the New York Jets. Just when everybody got over that shock, further reports claimed that the trade had hit a snag. Apparently, Tebow had a very nice contract drawn up for him when he was a rookie (probably a little too nice). The Jets did not realize how much they were going to have to pay Denver in order to get the hot shot.

For argument’s sake, lets assume Tebow were to go to the Jets. Is that really a good fit for him? The New York media is relentlessly unforgiving, and the fans are desperate for immediate success. Furthermore, under Rex Ryan, that team has turned into a reality show, and Tebow might need something a little more low-key as he’s trying to prove himself as a legitimate quarterback.

And as Antonio Cromartie has already proven via Twitter, some of the Jets players might not even want him there.

“We don’t need Tebow,” Cromartie wrote. “We sell out every home game. Let him go to Jacksonville, Tampa or Miami.”

On the other side, would this be a good fit for the Jets? They have so much talent (on paper), but they didn’t even make the playoffs last year, joining the Dallas Cowboys as one of the biggest disappointments at the end of the season. During a time when you are trying to develop Mark Sanchez into your franchise quarterback and give him some confidence after a dreadful start to an offseason, why would you throw in a second QB which would do nothing but cause Sanchez to question his role on a team looking for real leadership?

This deal looks like it’s going to fall through, but what we’ve witnessed is that the Jets are willing to do almost anything to try and find that special something they seem to be missing.

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