Bubba Wins Masters With Unforgettable Hook Shot

8 04 2012

This tournament was initially about Tiger Woods and the possibility that he could finally be somewhat near his old form.

Then, Phil Mickelson came onto the scene as he had a phenomenal Saturday, and people began discussing his chance to win a fourth Masters.

But by the time the tournament concluded Sunday in Augusta, it was all about the man that plays “Bubba Golf” and claimed his first victory at one of golf’s four major championships.

Bubba Watson needed a playoff against Louis Oosthuizen to win the Masters, but he won that playoff in Bubba fashion with an almost impossible hook shot.

(Sorry about the low video quality)

Watson had everything on the line here, but the powerful lefty pulled out one of his crazy shots. He had to rely on the fans reaction to tell him how his shot went since he was so deep in the woods. This spectacular shot settled in a perfect 10 feet from the hole, setting up par for the win.

Bubba Watson celebrates with his mother Molly Watson after the victory.

Gerry “Bubba” Watson Jr. was finally a major champion.

This is Watson’s fourth win in his career, and he will now become No. 4 in the world, making him the top American in golf.

It’s great to see such a carefree man that loves the sport of golf take home this victory. He simply knows how to play the sport of golf.

“I never got this far in my dreams,” Watson said.

Never taking a golf lesson in his life nor having a coach, Watson doesn’t play golf in the prototypical manner. With his aggressive play and lighthearted attitude, he plays his unique way because that’s the only way he knows how to play.

During the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament, this style brought him the most honorable gift a golfer can receive: the green jacket.

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One response

9 04 2012

Jay you have written in words what was felt by everyone watching the amazing win of Bubba Watson at the Masters 2012!!!

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