Awkward Altercation

15 04 2012

When the Boston Celtics recently beat the New Jersey Nets, 94-82, on Saturday, there were no surprises on the court as the C’s easily took care of the bottom-of-the-barrel Nets.

However, off the court, one of the most awkward sports broadcasting conversations took place between Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello on air. Here’s how it all started:

Initially, this seemed to be simple banter between two commentators. However, what happened toward the end of this game took the situation to an entirely new level of awkwardness.

This probably stands as one of the most uncomfortable announcer interactions. Adding to the peculiarity of this scene, these two have long been in this sports business and have both built a great reputation for themselves.

For some strange reason, though, Eagle decided to vent in front of Fratello and all of their viewers. It’s as if Eagle is a 16-year-old high school girl who decides to complain that her boyfriend isn’t paying enough attention to her over the school announcements on the PA system.

It would have been a much smarter decision for Eagle to discuss his issue with Fratello before they went on live television.

One thing is for certain: Fratello may never again bring up the use of a slip screen in an NBA game…

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