The Unpostable Mavs Post

6 05 2012

I cannot write about the Dallas Mavericks and their 4-0 series loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder just yet.

I cannot write about how this team looked too old, too unmotivated and too unqualified to take down the young, electric Thunder. I cannot write about how the Mavs didn’t understand the concept of a hard foul when Russell Westbrook or James Harden pounded the paint throughout this series. I cannot write about how Jason Terry had one of his worst seasons in Dallas, unable to find any consistency at any point this season. I cannot write about how Terry personified the entire team and their inability to find their stride and look like a team defending their championship title with pride. I cannot write about Lamar Odom’s detrimental impact on the team for the first 57 games of the season and how he was doing some tough sit-ups while his team lost all hope of repeating as NBA champs. I cannot write about Brendan Haywood finishing up one of the worst campaigns from a Dallas Maverick starting center with his 2012 playoffs average of 3.3 points and 3.3 rebounds. I cannot write about the silver lining in Shawn Marion, who did everything he could on the defensive side of the court in order to fill Tyson Chandler’s void. I cannot write about how Rodrigue Beaubois once again lost his playing time down the stretch because his coach could not put his faith in him. I cannot write about the future for this Dallas Mavericks franchise…


Mark Cuban.

Because the ball is in his court now. He made the decision to turn this into a (I hate to say this) “bridge” or “rental” year by letting Chandler, J.J. Barea, Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson go elsewhere. He gave all of this up for the enticing chance to sign two particular guys. Since Dwight Howard opted-in with the Orlando Magic for one more year, there is one man left.

There is one man that can make up for a year that started off slow and ended with a crashing halt. There is one man that can excuse a 2011-2012 roster that had no chance of doing anything in the playoffs – even if Mr. Kardashian had played like his old self. There is one man that can be a player to “make plays” as Dirk said the team needs in the future. There is one man that can change Cuban from one of the most hated DFW owners (move out of the way Jerry) to the skilled and savvy entrepreneur he proclaims himself to be…


Deron Williams.

Deron Williams in his Illinois orange. pointgod:  Derron Williams Illinois The Jazz traded Deron Williams (above) to New Jersey last year after the Nets failed to acquire Carmelo Anthony.

This unrestricted free agent holds the Dallas Mavericks franchise and the new Brooklyn Nets franchise in the palms of his hands.

Until he drops the ball on one of these teams and dribbles his way to the other, I cannot write about the Dallas Mavericks 2011-2012 season that could have been.

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25 05 2012
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[…] Deron Williams to Dallas is exceedingly better than any other plan for a multitude of reasons. The main one though pertains to the fact that […]

6 05 2012

Woah dude..Cuban will never be one of the “most hated DFW owners.” He’s my favorite owner. He brought us a championship and genuinely cares about the team’s success. He will never pass Jerry Jones because he’s 10x smarter than Jerry. This one season doesn’t change everything he’s done for the Mavericks. He totally rebranded a suffering franchise. I trust him.

6 05 2012

I agree with you about what he has brought to this franchise. I couldn’t be happier that he has made the Mavs relevant the past 12 seasons. I, personally, wouldn’t hate him, either. However, what if the organization can’t sign a big-time free agent, and Dirk eventually retires with no superstar to take the reins? That could possibly lead to many tough years for the Mavs. All I’m getting at is that he blew up a Mavs team that DFW loved last year in order for some BIG names to come to town – not just some good players. If he can’t get that “big fish” this offseason (Deron Williams) that he has talked about, there will be some infuriated fans in a town that has grown accustom to winning.

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