Van Gundy and Smith Ousted by Magic

21 05 2012

Van Gundy can finally move on with his coaching career and Smith can stop making bad moves for Dwight Howard’s Magic.

After a few weeks have passed since being knocked out of the first round by the Indiana Pacers, The Orlando Magic have decided to let Head Coach Stan Van Gundy go after five years in which he went 259-135. His team won three division titles during this time period. General Manager Otis Smith and the Magic organization will also be parting ways after this frenzied season.

Oddly enough, Van Gundy made it clear he wanted to return as the head coach of Orlando next season.

“Yeah, I want to come back, but that’s not up to me,” he said during one of the most awkward encounters caught on film. He desired to lead the Orlando Magic – even if a certain superstar center seemed to want him out.

Well, that superstar got his wish. Howard, yet again, succeeded in playing a role not fit for all players but only for the elites of the elite. Even though Van Gundy has found a way to constantly work with the odd pieces Smith has thrown at him and consequently bring about successful season after successful season, a player with one year left on his contract removed him from his duties.

This is why Van Gundy should be considered one of the hottest free agents of this offseason. He has a great understanding for the game and is currently the best option a team can find in a coach. If he finds the right organization and the right system to fit his coaching style, he can do some real work for a ballclub.

So, what does this mean for that guy by the name of Dwight Howard?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

There is the notion out there that these firings (or partings if you want to be politically correct) gave D12 just want he wanted to sign an extension in Orlando. This is fool’s gold. Yes, this happy, optimistic point of view is probably and could end up taking place as early as this summer.

However, that possibility actually justifies why the next move by Howard can not be foreseen. When it comes to a player that has been more wishy-washy than a presidential candidate, that has shown an inability to agree with what his agent is feeding to the media and that has no sense of what loyalty to a franchise truly means, no one can legitimately predict what Dwight Howard will do in the near future.

Howard once said that the Magic and their fans will have to “roll the dice” when it comes to him staying or leaving. Whoever steps in as the next general manager and coach of the Magic will not only have to strategize for the game of basketball but also for a convoluted game of dice.

What fun.

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