Celtics Aren’t Allowed to Emote

29 05 2012

These three technical fouls that the referees handed out to the Boston Celtics during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals are appalling. Ray Allen reacted to a call he didn’t like by jumping and turning away from the ref, Kevin Garnett tapped – not hit – a ball away after a made basket and Doc Rivers simply said “Come on Ed” after Rajon Rondo didn’t get a foul called. This sudden tendency by the referees to make a “T” without even considering that humans do in fact have feelings could possibly be coming from the league office. Why else would Danny Crawford – one of the most professional referees currently out there – decide to spontaneously hit Allen – someone with little to no prior offenses – with a tech in a playoff game? Moving forward, hopefully the referees will remember that the fans came to see the players play and the coaches coach and will not take the game into their own hands.

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2 responses

29 05 2012

Well, you do have to empathize with the refs a little bit. I mean, with LeBron not having a ring yet, the whole basketball world is kind of off kilter right now. Cut ’em some slack.

29 05 2012

2 of those were terrible calls. Does David Stern want no emotion to be allowed?

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