The Sting Felt Across the NBA

30 05 2012

The Hornets franchise just took a major step forward.

Holding a 13.7% percent chance of landing the top spot in the 2012 NBA Draft, the New Orleans Hornets had the ping pong balls bounce their way as they will be drafting first on June 28. This is the second time in franchise history they got the No. 1 Draft Pick.

Anthony Davis will undeniably be taken with this pick – no question. Not only will he bring a certain following that always goes along with being the top pick, but he will also instantly bring a defensive presence to his new team. No doubt, the Hornets just added at least 10 wins to their 2012-2013 season.

A certain 69-year-old man was very happy to see this happen. When David Stern stood in as the temporary owner during the franchise’s bankruptcy, he declined a certain trade with the Los Angeles Lakers that would have brought win-now players to the Hornets for All-Star Chris Paul. Instead, he made an odd deal with the Los Angeles Clippers that lead many spectators to question his motivation behind the move. Well, now this franchise has a huge name joining their team, allowing Stern to no longer hold his breath.

With this franchise player soon coming to town, New Orleans can experience Mardi Gras just a little bit late.

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