Deron to Dallas: Step 1 Complete

31 05 2012

Tyson Chandler and J.J. Barea were not re-signed by Mark Cuban. The Mavs came out very sluggish to start the 2011-2012 NBA Season. Dirk Nowitzki took two months to start playing like Dirk. Lamar Odom took one game to start playing like a new, humdrum Lamar Odom. Jason Terry lost a shooting touch he has possessed for seven straight seasons. Kevin Durant had a very friendly shooter’s role on his game-winning shot in Game 1 of their sweep over the Mavs. The 2011 NBA Champions failed to respectably defend their championship.

Even though there are so many disappointments to be pointed out from this absurd lockout season, right before it comes to a close, the Mavs had the balls – the Ping-Pong balls bounce their way.

The Brooklyn Nets needed nothing more than one of the top three picks of Wednesday’s NBA Draft Lottery. This was the only way they would hold onto this pick and obtain the piece that would complete the Dwight Howard-to-Brooklyn puzzle. Since they landed the No. 6 spot, their pick now goes to the Portland Trail Blazers, who also have the No. 11 pick, and the Nets temporarily lose their almost destined chance of bringing Superman to town which would have consequently kept Deron Williams in town.

Instead of having this clear advantage in the free-agent market, the Nets have a disgruntled Gerald Wallace in place of an alluring first-round pick while the Dallas Mavericks’ aspirations continue to survive.

Now, Williams has not given any hints or clues relating to where he will end up going. Unlike his superstar-moving counterpart Dwight Howard, D-Will never waivers about what he wants in a franchise or allows people to tell the world what he is going to do. He even recently came out to embarrass Adrian Wojnarowski of CBS Sports and his “source.”

“I would love to know who Adrian Wojnarowski source is bc he knows more about what I’m thinking then I do – maybe they can help me decide?” Williams sarcastically tweeted.

Even though there is no clear sign where the Texas-born player will be headed next season, the Mavs still live to dream another day. If there had been a No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 pick in Brooklyn, the Mavs could say goodbye to their chance. But that didn’t happen, so Cuban and his staff will continue to put together an attractive selling package for Mr. Williams.

Understand this: The Brooklyn Nets and the Dallas Mavericks will do everything they possibly can to convince Deron Williams to wear their respective uniform for the next 82-game NBA season. The Nets crave a media-attracting face that can be attached to this move to Brooklyn while the quickly aging Mavs absolutely require a bridge player that can slowly but surely take the reins from Dirk Nowitzki so he won’t be forced to be a 20+ scorer when he is getting close to his 40s.

Since the Nets didn’t receive the draft position they wanted and Deron Williams will undeniably test free agency once July 1 rolls around, everybody has to play the waiting game now. However, once the date hits, this game won’t last for long. Williams said he wants to choose his next destination before he begins playing in the Olympics. Training camp starts July 6 in Las Vegas and team practices start July 17 in England.

Until Williams makes his organization-changing move, the Mavs will have to settle on a hope for a franchise point guard. Will they get him? I can’t tell you that. His teammates can’t tell you that. His agent can’t tell you that. Even Chris Broussard can’t tell you that.

Only Deron Williams has the answer.

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